Bie Alive


BIE is a great solution for animals too!

We are very excited to formally announce that we offer our services to dogs and horses -  because animals have sensitivities too!  

BIE works the same with animals as it does with people.  We rely on the owner's observations to help pinpoint the root cause of the issues and test according to what we suspect may be causing the problem.  Testing is performed using a surrogate and results of the test are seen immediately.  We then introduce the offending stressor using BIE on the animal to help the animal's body recognize and heal from the stressor.  The number of appointments vary according to the health concern.  On average, an animal will require 3-5 sessions to be symptom free.

Appointments for dogs are at held at Tara's Touch located in Mulmur.

Appointments for horses are completed on site.  Travel charges may apply.