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Energy Medicine and Nutrition Membership

Did you know that your body can heal by allowing it to accept the right frequencies and releasing lower negative frequencies?

Have you ever wondered why your symptoms return after you thought they were gone?

Here's the secret...our bodies are always under stress, and stress creates energetic imbalances resulting in symptoms (either new or returning symptoms).

Let me explain: When we experience a stressful situation, our bodies create an intolerance to whatever we are exposed to at that particular time.  For example, if you were eating an apple at the time you found out that a family member passed away, you can develop an intolerance to the apple resulting in hives or digestive upset every time you eat an apple from that point on.  Sure, you could just stop eating apples, but the big question is, how can I eat apples again?  

  I've been helping clients to get to the root cause of their health issue for over 10 years as a Holistic Nutritionist and Energy Medicine Practitioner.

I discovered that clients are amazed by the results they get with our 1:1 sessions and they want more!  They want to experience more of the same magic for their remaining health issues, they want to ensure their issues don't return, and they want to learn more about how they can improve their health through nutrition.

I finally have the perfect solution and want to share my 10+ of expertise with you.

Inside the Energy Medicine and Nutrition Membership, you'll find monthly themes, weekly meal plans with recipes and pantry lists, AND weekly group distant sessions!


What's included in the Membership:

  • Distant Sessions every Thursday (except the last Thursday of the month) where we will 
    • focus on releasing trapped negative emotions to help raise our vibration 
    • work on balancing different physical areas of the body to help our organs function their best
  • An optional drop-in zoom call with Julie every Thursday (except the last Thursday of the month)
  • Monthly Recipe Guide with delicious gluten free and dairy free recipes
  • Private Facebook group if you are on FB (if not, don't worry, all of the information will still be emailed to you!)

Monthly Holistic Nutrition themes include:

  • JANUARY - Resetting Your Wellness
  • FEBRUARY - Breaking the Habit with the Sugar Detox Diet
  • MARCH - Skin Health
  • APRIL - What does being Alkaline mean and how does it affect me?
  • MAY - Fitness Month
  • JUNE - Foods that Boost Your Mood
  • JULY - Self-Care
  • AUGUST - Improving Digestion
  • SEPTEMBER - Boosting Your Immune System Naturally
  • OCTOBER - Break Your Sugar Addiction
  • NOVEMBER - How to Eat Clean During the Holidays
  • DECEMBER - Healthy Skin in the Winter

Children and Pets

You can add a children or pets to your membership for an additional $10/month!  To add a pet, simply email Julie at

What members are saying:

"Wow, what ever you did I am feeling so much better the last two days, even I can say marvelous. But what amazed me is that the energy was there and no pain in the lower neck and very little pain in the lower back. Thanks you so much for helping feel so much better."

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