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Stressed to Zen Group Program

Stressed & Overwhelmed? It's time to get Zen.

This program is for you if you...

  • Constantly feel Overwhelmed
  • Have Physical Pain (neck pain, joint pain, fibromyalgia)
  • Struggle with Low Energy and Lack of Productivity
  • Struggle with Personal Relationships (family, spouse and/or kids, especially teenagers)
  • Struggle with Work Life Stresses and Demands

Imagine being able to feel...

  • Like Life is Easy
  • At Peace Even When There is Chaos
  • Like You Can Accomplish Everything Without Getting Overwhelmed

Your life is busy and complicated. When the day is over, you just feel wiped out (except at bedtime when you’re lying awake ruminating over your to-do list!).

Stressed to Zen is a simple 3 week program that takes a holistic approach to the dilemmas that make you want to pull your hair out and hop on the first plane to Costa Rica!

Next Group Session Begins in March 28th, 2022!

Join the next program for just $150

What is this program and how will it help me?

In this simple 3 week program, I will be sending you calming frequencies 3 times per week and you will learn my top tips & strategies to manage stress and anxiety, so you can feel like a million bucks--for the long haul!

The calming frequencies will be sent on Monday's, Wednesday's, and Friday's for the duration of the program and the best part is - there is nothing you have to do at this time!  You will also receive a new module to read throughout the week if you choose to. Most people feel a difference after the first week, just from the calming frequencies alone! (Although I highly recommend learning the techniques for maximum results)


 I just have a feeling of a whole body calm that has come over me. I haven’t had this feeling for such a long time. It’s amazing to me!

K.C. after the fist day of the Stressed to Zen Program

What you will learn

Here are some of the tips you will learn to overcome stress and anxiety

Can Stress be GOOD for you?

Learn how stress in moderation can be good for you!  And the way we think about stress can change the way your body responds to stress.

Reduce Negative Thinking

Learn to train your mind to nix negativity with logic and reason. As you begin to consistently think rationally and not in extremes, it will help prevent negativity from taking over.

Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries can be challenging for "people pleasers". When you want to make everyone else happy, you tend to forget about making yourself happy. But when you don't set boundaries, resentment can build up.

Drop Resentment and Forgive

Feelings of resentment can not only create emotional stress, but also physical, depleting your energy. Even worse, these emotions get trapped in your subconscious causing physical pain!

Reduce Distractions

Between social media, your favorite television shows available on demand and a constant barrage of emails, it’s no wonder we’re all constantly distracted.

When you reduce distractions and focus on the task at hand, you’ll be better equipped to manage your stress.


Practicing meditation creates a deep connection with yourself, promotes positivity, helps you focus on the present moment, and improves your overall mood and outlook on life. And it doesn't have to take a long time of sitting in silence! You can start by enjoying short 5 minutes guided meditations.

Self Care is Self Love

Do you know how to care for yourself? Self care should be a high priority in your daily routine. When caring for yourself, both physically and emotionally, you may improve your mood and minimize every day stressors.

Eat to Improve Mood

What you put in your body on a daily basis has a huge affect on your body and mind. Learn which foods may cause stress and negatively affect your mood and which foods alleviate stress and improve mood!


You can count me in for the next session! I can’t believe the differences I felt from the last one! 

K.C. End of the first Stressed to Zen Program

Next Group Session Begins March 28th, 2022!

Join the next program for just $150

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