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Juice Plus...

The Next Best Thing to Fruits and Vegetables!

A capsule with only fruits / vegetables?? That I can digest? That will give me nutrients I need to thrive, but not leave me bloated? 

Here are the reason my family and I take it...

#1- It's concentrated whole food, not vitamins. It has a food label/FDA regulated (non gmo, gluten free, dairy free, vine-ripened, Kosher & held to the highest standards)! Packed with thousands of the most natural phytonutrients instead of just a few that are in man-made vitamins

#2- The produce is grown by 2nd and 3rd generation farmers. We all want to know who is growing our food and how it is being handled.

#3- It has a 3rd party certification. (National Science Foundation) This 3rd party tests to make sure it contains what it actually says it contains and also makes sure there are no stimulants, banned substances, herbicides or pesticides in the batches of produce. (Tested 6 times farm to capsule)

#4- It is the most researched nutritional product in the WORLD with over 39 peer reviewed, published medical journals and more on the way. Showing that Juice Plus+ works in the body at the cellular level, absorbing nutrients, supporting health, protecting DNA, contributing to cardiovascular wellness and a healthy inflammation response, helping reduce oxidative stress, promoting weight-loss and more. Anyone can give a testimonial to a product, but without primary research to back it up, it is just a testimonial. This product has research to back up claims that it works in the body the way people are saying it does. Myself included.

#5- Unlike juicing, Juice Plus contains 30 plus vine ripened fruits and veggies with water and sugar removed. JP has Micro and phytonutrients along with some fiber and tons of ANTIOXIDANTS AND LIVE ENZYMES!! 

#6- Some of the most respected minds in medicine and wellness recommend and use Juice Plus+ for everything from relief of allergies, to autoimmune disease. (email me for real time videos on this!)

#7- Juice Plus+ is proven to be 100% bio-available & digestable in the body - the blood will absorb each and every micronutrient. This is huge as some of us just simply cannot digest the whole veggie / fruit salad, leaving us feeling bloated and uncomfortable & leaving our pockets empty from purchasing expensive produce. OR we just pee out our supplements!

#8- You will receive a variety of over 50 farm to capsule fruits / vegetables in each serving (Shakes & Trio Blend) that have gone straight from the vines to the capsules, no jet lag or trip from California. This ensures better quality & more nutrition. 

#9- You finally have the option to receive plant based omegas. The Juice Plus+ company recognized the need for omegas in the body, but also recognized how unsustainable (& unpleasant) fish oil supplements are. Introducing our new plant based omegas - cutting straight to the source of omegas (where fish get their omegas) - the Algal Oil. Using this and a few other seed oils we have a complete plant based, sustainable omega profile in the omega blend.

*Added bonus* Through the generous Juice Plus+ Children’s Health Study, any adult can sponsor a child ages 4+ to receive Juice Plus+ capsules or chewables for free for up to four years

So, now that you know... how do you think you would feel if you were getting 30 fruits, veggies and berries every day??

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