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Work with me one to one

When it comes to health and wellness, there’s no such thing as “one-size fits all.”

Because every person and situation is different, how I work with you, and what tools I use or recommend, will depend on your unique situation. 

By phone or zoon, we start with your health history, noting anything that makes your symptoms better or worse. We also explore nutrition and decide if further nutritional analysis is needed.

Next, I run a series of tests using frequencies. This is simple, effective, and works for people of all ages and animals too!

The tests show me what is out of balance within your body, and guides me as to how to help resolve your symptoms. In many cases, the same tools and approaches that helped us find the problem can also help to address the problem. 

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Find The Answers You're Looking For

For over 10 years, I’ve helped people facing a range of physical and emotional health issues make their way back to health and wellbeing. Often, they’ve spent months or years going from practitioner to practitioner, looking for something that will help. But nothing has. Or it hasn’t lasted.

As an alternative healthcare practitioner, I draw on advanced tools, scientific insights, powerful intuition, and practical solutions to get to the heart of what’s going on with you and your body.

I studied Holistic Nutrition (RHN) at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition before becoming a Registered Bioenergetic Practitioner (R.BIE) at the Institute of Natural Health Technologies.

With the knowledge and tools I have, I work like a detective. I test, calibrate and adjust to find the answers we need to get your body back on track. Depending on your unique circumstances, I draw on a range of drug-free, natural approaches that include:

  • Bioenergetics
  • Bioscan Stress Reduction Therapy (SRT)
  • The Emotion Code
  • AO Scan
  • Natural Supplements, Herbs and simple dietary changes

Once we address the root cause, symptoms can disappear. Often that happens fast -- sometimes in just one session and generally within 3-4.

The impact of this type of energy work is powerful. Still, even after all these years, and the hundreds of people I’ve helped overcome seemingly insurmountable health challenges, it always feels a little bit like magic.


“I immediately noticed an improvement in my headaches.”

Emotional Release

“Since my appointment, I have noticed that my chest feels released from pressure, and my lungs feel light. I have to tell you it feels good.”

Breathing Difficulties

“My shortness of breath and wheezing is 85% better already!”


“All my life I have had a strong intolerance to perfumes. It greatly affected my social life as I was unable to visit many public places including shopping malls. I am no longer reacting to perfumes and I wear them myself.” - H.N.

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